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Coach Rocky Warner


Thank you for visiting our site. For many of you this is your first introduction to tennis besides what you may have experienced through the media. We want to welcome you and we can't wait to meet you!

Our goal is to provide youth at Sugar Creek Golf & Tennis an opportunity to learn, play, compete, mentor and eventually attend college (debt free) using the life skills learned from their experience with tennis here at Sugar Creek Golf and Tennis. 

Our brand of tennis is geared to develop beginner, intermediate and performance players from grassroots to college. The tennis journey you will embark on started years ago and legends have paved the way for you. Your path starts with

understanding what the sport of tennis can offer your child. We encourage this process by creating a goal oriented path that will not only build your young tennis player but also nurture their education and character!


Youth that participate in Sugar Creek's tennis program will build integrity, self-control, devotion to fitness, patience, optimism, persistence, fairness and much more. Our goal is to provide your young athlete with the skills that will eventually pave their own paths of success. Let our history of tennis excellence continue with you. 

Our tennis program was built through the efforts of Coach Rocky and Terry Alexander. Coach Rocky has been teaching tennis for over 15 years. He is USPTA and PTR Professionally Certified, Insured, SafePlay approved and affiliated with USTA's NET GEN program as a certified teaching pro within their system. Coach Rocky is full of energy and he has creative ideas to bring out the best in all his players. Rocky played college tennis at Morehouse and he has been a Volunteer Coach at Morehouse since 2019. He holds a Bachelors Degree in Visual Communication from AIU and a Master of Science Degree from Full Sail University as he studied Internet Marketing and became Google Certified. Although Mr. Warner is well versed within the realms of coaching tennis, he also worked for COX Media Group & Auto Trader for over 10 Years as a Senior Creative Marketing Designer. Coach Rocky is also a staff tennis professional at Greater Atlanta Christian School so his love of coaching tennis cross over many cultures and backgrounds.

Mr. Warner has also been the Tennis Program Director for 2 years under the 501(c)(3) recognized Non-Profit Organization, Atlanta-Rio de Janeiro Sister Cities Foundation. He is actively writing for grants, seeking donations that will help his tennis initiatives at Sugar Creek grow so youth have full access to the sport despite their family's income status. His efforts through the work being done within the non-profit sector will also support the program with new balls, proper equipment and growth in coaching staff. 


Aside from his work with the non-profit, that is synchronized with his efforts at Sugar Creek, Coach Rocky has aligned himself with American Tennis Association through various volunteer work. Currently, Coach Rocky is President of the American Tennis Association South (ATA South), he hopes to establish a network across the south to connect other tennis programs within the ATA network to grow black and brown youth tennis like never before.

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