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The High Performance segment of our Youth Tennis Program here at Sugar Creek Golf & Tennis is structured under Coach Terrell with The Tennis Mechanics. Coach Terrell  started with a goal of helping the kids from his community & culture achieve their high level tennis goals & aspirations. As Sugar Creek looks to continue to build their Youth Tennis Program, Coach Terrell allows our program to bridge an important developmental gap that facilitates High Level Tennis for our juniors associated with our Youth Tennis Program.

With over 20 years of expertise, Coach Terrell's goal is to provide intense training in the 4 areas of tennis (Physical, Technical, Tactical, & Mental), Raise the "Tennis IQ" of all our players, and improve the mechanics of all our high level players. As the name implies (Tennis Mechanics), we have a large focus on mechanics and basic concepts that should help our High Performance students self correct any problem in a relatively short amount of time. Coach Terrell teaches through concepts and mechanics because he believes that an environment that equips its students to critically think & problem solve, is an environment that not only produces better tennis players, but people better equipped for the issues of life.


In addition to Coach Terrell's practice sessions, he has various events to cultivate a culture of growth and understanding. These include (but aren't limited to): Monthly match play dates & Zoom calls with guest speakers with a goal to educate parents and inspire our players. We hope you will consider training with us & we look forward to serving you here at Sugar Creek Golf & Tennis.


For all inquiries, please email:

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