$170 for 3 Days

Our goal is to equip our players to compete and develop a true competitive scope through the love of God, Self and the love of the Sport. Not only just the desire to win and the fear of learning. We compete in ATA, ALTA, USTA and UTR.

Welcome to Coach Rocky's Sugar Creek Youth UTR Holiday Camp. Our Holiday Camp will start Monday, December 27 and end Wednesday, December 29. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 8am - 5pm. Camp open to ages 7 - 18 years. Rain or shine!


3 Step Registration Instructions:


1. Make $130 payment to Coach Rocky's CashApp ($Rocktennis)
(Families with more than one player please email or
text (678.207.9444) for sibling rate.)


2. After CashApp, Send email to
with player's full name, age, player's tennis experience
and note of payment. You will receive camp waiver to complete.


3. Last step, make $40 payment to UTR Holiday Portal
Parent who are new to UTR must complete a free sign up. As you complete your child's profile, make sure you complete all questions. Leaving questions blank will effect event registration.

Camp Schedule for Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday:


8am: Drop-off
8:15am: Exercises and dynamic stretches
8:30am: Level Play Group Drills
9am: Singles Level Based Verified Match Play Begins
(All Campers must be registered through UTR)
12:00pm: Lunch Inside or on patio platform. 
1pm: Doubles Level Based Verified Match Play Begins
(All Campers must be registered through UTR)

5pm: Ball pickup / Camp ends for the day

Please note: If it rains, we will watch tennis education videos and family oriented movies. Aside from tennis videos and movies, Coach Rocky will have assignments for campers to strengthen their tennis IQ with regards to rules, match play understanding, singles and doubles strategy as well as fun group games like Pictionary.

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